using flower specimens breaking the surface tension of watrer at the precise moment of capture

using flower specimens breaking the surface tension of watrer at the precise moment of capture

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‘Dark Water’ is a collection of experimental images created between 2009-2010 on large format analogue camera gear. With single floral specimens & complex tributes that recreate corporate brands, a gothic homage to the motifs of life in the 21st century. 

Today we see ourselves drowning in a society that is dominated by a reverence towards the new religion of media, flocking to the church of brand and celebrity.

The images presented here on the Underwater Image Library are low resolution to serve the web, however they were all produced on analogue film and presented ‘as shot’, without the use of post production. The originals film plates are incredibly rich and detailed, each is shot on either 6x6cm or 5x4 & 8x10 inch transparency film, scanned at high resolution with industry standard colour profiling applied.

You can view a selection of these works at the artists gallery website ‘Rosae’ 2009-2010.


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